Sunday, April 27, 2008

Livers and Heavenly Toast

I've never been a fan of pork liver, or maybe I've never had pork liver cooked the right way. It's always been either overcooked or with a horrible smell. I finally found a place to get my folic acid dosage without having to hold my nose... 维记 in Sham Shui Po does pork liver just right. The family running the business has three shops lined up in alternate lots in the same row. The pork livers are cooked only when orders are placed and are served in steaming hot soup with instant noodles. What's nice about the pork liver is it's not overcooked despite being thinly sliced.

But what will keep me going all the way to Sham Shui Po again (and it has indeed) is the kaya french toast. Beats any french/ kaya toast I've had anywhere else in the world. It's not overly sweet, the "egginess" is just right and definitely doesn't make my intestines feel like it's been attacked by a litre of oil. Apparently the kaya is freshly made every morning and both chicken and duck eggs are used. Tried to buy the kaya but was refused by the boss (or one of the aunties in the family?!). Coupled with the 奶茶, which is very fresh because of the high turnover, I was a very satisfied customer again today.


Powpow said...

Forget what I mentioned to you as you know restaurant in HK is all the same. The point is you see it or not!!! I am quite missed the liver noodle though!!!!! I wish I never saw that!

Anonymous said...

wow. when are we going there next? did you go with your boyfriend?

Powpow said...

I finally visit there again today. But it doesn't taste as good as before.